Modern Storyteller Creative Director Nick Pearce (The Forgotten City) will take part in the “How Should Games Make Moral Choices Matter?” panel at PAX AUS 2018 on Friday, October 26 at 1:30 PM in the Galah Theatre. Joining a group of industry luminaries including Defiant Development Co-Founder Morgan Jaffit (Hand of Fate 2), the panel will discuss why morality should matter in games, and how creators can add meaning to those choices.

The Forgotten City is a re-imagining of the award-winning, critically acclaimed mod played by more than 1.6 million gamers. Twenty-six trapped explorers lay dead deep underground in an ancient Roman city. The protagonist travels back in time through a portal, making tough choices in moral dilemmas to change their fates and unlock vastly different endings.

PAX AUS Modern Storyteller

Visit the PAX AUS site for the full panel details. For more information, visit the official The Forgotten City website and follow Modern Storyteller on Twitter.