Past and Current Stride Partners Take Part In Australia Fire Relief Humble Bundle

Thanks to the organizational wizardry of the folks over at Humble Bundle, 29 games are on offer to help raise funds supporting the relief efforts for the devastating Australian bushfires estimated to have killed more than one billion animals. Past and current Stride PR partners including Defiant Development, The Voxel Agents, League of Geeks, Witch Beam, SMG Studios, and Samurai Punk […]

Nintendo Life Digs Up Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems Hand of Fate 2, Armello, and City of Brass

Nintendo Life went digging through the eShop and found a bunch of hidden gems, including Hand of Fate 2, the acclaimed action RPG from Defiant Development, Armello, the fantasy digital board game from League of Geeks, and City of Brass, the Arabian Nights-inspired first-person rogue-lite adventure from the BioShock veterans at Uppercut Games. Author Gavin Lane describes why these titles made the cut: All these games were […]

Eurogamer Shares Details On Hand of Fate 2 “The Servant and The Beast” DLC

Eurogamer’s Matt Wales shared details about the new Defiant Development‘s Hand of Fate 2 “The Servant and The Beast” DLC. Calling the game an “excellent deck-building dungeon-crawler,” Matt highlighted the DLC’s main features: a new campaign challenge and companion character to the core game. As a companion character, Veles will join players on quests and in battle, […]

Modern Storyteller Will Discuss “How Should Games Make Moral Choices Matter?” at PAX AUS

Modern Storyteller Creative Director Nick Pearce (The Forgotten City) will take part in the “How Should Games Make Moral Choices Matter?” panel at PAX AUS 2018 on Friday, October 26 at 1:30 PM in the Galah Theatre. Joining a group of industry luminaries including Defiant Development Co-Founder Morgan Jaffit (Hand of Fate 2), the panel will discuss why morality should matter in […]

Nintendo Life Gives High Praise to Hand of Fate 2 for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Life’s Dom Reseigh-Lincoln recently reviewed the action RPG, Hand of Fate 2, from Defiant Development. Dom gave high praise to the Switch version citing all the things to enjoy in a stellar hand-held package. Almost impossible to categorise yet utterly compelling as a result, Hand of Fate 2 brings a new and unique RPG experience to Nintendo […]

PlayStation Shares the Details of Hand of Fate 2’s Endless Mode

John Abrena of PlayStation LifeStyle recently shared the details of Defiant Development’s new Endless Mode in Hand of Fate 2. John reports on the new Endless Mode, which allows players to climb the ranks of the leaderboards in the card-based dungeon crawler with the addition of infinite quests! These are replayable and bring a PvP aspect to the […]

RockPaperShotgun Praises Hand of Fate 2’s New Endless Mode

Dominic Tarason wrote on RockPaperShotgun about Hand of Fate 2‘s new Endless Mode, calling it “a great reason to come back and ask The Dealer for a fresh hand.” While Hand of Fate 2 was already a significantly higher-budget game than the original, I’m surprised at how much love and effort they’ve poured into the sequel’s […]

Hand of Fate 2, Yonder, and Forts Were All Top New Releases on Steam in 2017

Last year saw the release of a lot of great games, including Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate 2, Prideful Sloth’s Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, and EarthWork Games’ Forts. All three games were top sellers on Steam in 2017 and we extend our congratulations to the development teams. Hand of Fate 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed action RPG enjoyed by millions […]

Kotaku’s Mike Fahey Names Hand of Fate 2 in Top 10 Games of 2017

Hand of Fate 2, the acclaimed deckbuilding action role-playing game from Brisbane-based indie developer Defiant Development, was recently named among Kotaku Senior Reporter Mike Fahey‘s Top 10 Games of 2017. “The world’s best dungeon master returns for another round of card-based role-playing adventure.” -Mike Fahey, Senior Reporter, Kotaku You can read more of Fahey’s Top […]

IGN: Hand of Fate 2 Improves on its Predecessor in Every Way

Hand of Fate 2, the follow-up to Brisbane-based indie developer Defiant Development‘s critically-acclaimed action RPG, is available now on Xbox One with Xbox One X support. In their review IGN said the game was a unique mix of tabletop deck-building and action RPGs that improves on its predecessor in every way. “I didn’t realize how much I’d missed the […]