Kotaku’s Mike Fahey perked up the ears of PlayStation 4 adventurers by sharing the release date for Caravan Stories, the free-to-play, anime-inspired MMORPG played by more than 2 million adventurers in Japan. Developed by Aiming Inc.Caravan Stories journeys to PS4 in North America on July 23, with an open beta launching July 16. Fahey called out the game’s popularity in Japan:

Lovely Japanese massively multiplayer role-playing game Caravan Stories comes to North American PS4s on July 23, with open beta kicking off July 16. The free-to-play game has a huge following in Japan. I’ve been fiddling with the Japanese version, which has English language support, and it’s very nice.

In Caravan Stories, choose from several playable races and write the story of Iyarr, a massive, gorgeous world plagued by the darkness of the Enigma. From the Enigma, evil forces pour forth. Master challenging dungeons, epic open-world raids, and action combat that rewards careful planning and swift reaction.

For more on Caravan Stories, check out the official website and follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.