Touch Arcade’s Sergio Velasquez wents hands-on with the Apple Arcade version of Blowfish Studios and Shadowplay Studios‘ puzzle-platformer Projection: First Light in a recent review.

In his article, Sergio highlights some of what makes Projection’s shadow puppet world so special.

Projection’s aesthetics are one of its best features. The music and sounds are great and they make you feel like you’re inside another world, a shadow puppet world. Speaking of shadows, they look awesome. Every character, place, and object you encounter is filled with details.

Despite being a 2D game, the places you visit have a sense of depth, and you’ll feel like the world is so much bigger than you think. Combine that with the music, and you’ll even feel nervous when moving to another section like something big is about to happen. And it will, you just need to be patient.

Its beautiful scenery, great music, and cute wordless story outweigh the annoying controls and interactions with shadows and different objects. You might even rage quit because of its controls and interactions, but the game is so good you’ll want to pay again almost right away.

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