Shacknews’ Riley Little delivered the news comic publisher Valiant has teamed up with game developer and publisher Blowfish Studios. The partnership is Valiant Comics’ first foray into the world of video games, with Blowfish Studios lending their game-making expertise to develop multiple titles based on Valiant’s superhero properties.

Little noted that the move into games was another part of Valiant’s recent multimedia expansion including film and TV:

Case in point, Valiant Comics has just announced a new partnership with Blowfish Studios to create a series of games based on Valiant’s biggest characters. The deal will see these titles, which are still unnamed as of this writing, states that they will release across a number of platforms. Details on which heroes are being featured are still unknown, but Bloodshot and the various other upcoming film and television projects would be a good place to start.

The founder and CEO of Valiant parent company DMG Entertainment, Dan Mintz, was understandably excited by the announcement. Given that it’s a multi-game deal, this also allows for fans to become better acquainted with the Valiant Comics Universe and the various characters that inhabit it.


To keep up to date on Valiant’s upcoming video game ventures, visit the Blowfish Studios official website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.