Speaking Simulator, from Affable Games, released a campaign trailer ahead of the upcoming launch with Shacknew’s Sam Chandler sharing the news of earth’s new potential overlord leader. The hilarious game about an android struggling to infiltrate human society revealed it will bring its tongue-flapping, teeth-flying action to Nintendo Switch alongside PC in late January.

Chandler remarked upon the cutting edge android mouth technology that is utilized in Speaking Simulator:

Created by Affable Games, a team based in Brisbane, Australia, Speaking Simulator has players take control of an android attempting to pass off as a real human. Blending in isn’t easy, and with the goal being to become the next president, the stakes have never been higher. The title is set to release on January 30, which gives players just a couple of weeks to prepare for the challenge of speech.

In order to win the favor of your fellow humans, you will need to engage in numerous conversations ranging from speaking with dates to addressing your constituents. The only problem being that control over the mouth isn’t exactly easy.

SpeakingSimScreenshot (9)


Speaking Simulator launches on PC for Steam and Nintendo Switch™ January 30. Watch the latest trailer to find out what Speaking Simulator has to offer. Follow along with the campaign via the game’s official site and Discord or follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.