UploadVR’s Jamie Feltham explored the dreamlike landscape of Paper Beast, the poetic journey through a blossoming virtual world by renowned game designer Eric Chahi (Another World, From Dust), in a glowing review. Amidst its sandy valleys, snowy peaks, and eccentric wildlife, Jamie found a VR adventure nothing short of miraculous:

With Paper Beast, Eric Chahi goes for a holy trinity of VR development. It is a game not content with just one miracle, be it the authentic, almost documentarian approach to a virtual ecosystem, nor the technical milestones such a feat requires. Even its set of puzzles somehow emerge as a remarkably natural extension of its core themes and systems, creating a cohesive and curiously precious VR game to be preserved and savoured.

Paper Beast beckons explorers to a mysterious, virgin land born from lost algorithms and forgotten code. In story mode, interact with origami-like creatures to solve puzzles and uncover the truth of this alluring world. In sandbox mode, exert god-like control over an entire ecosystem, changing weather, manipulating terrain, and creating life to experiment with a highly detailed simulation.

Paper Beast is now available for PlayStation VR. To peek into the curious minds of Eric Chahi and Pixel Reef, explore the official website and follow Pixel Reef on Twitter and Facebook.

Paper Beast