VICE contributor Cameron Kunzelman isn’t afraid of a few shambling corpses. Following the Steam Early Access release of Darkburg, the co-op zombie survival action game from Shiro Games, Kunzleman recruited a team to explore undead-infested streets and defeat anything that crossed their path.

Kunzelman found Darksburg‘s stylized gothic world and focused co-op gameplay to be a treat, writing:

Darksburg succeeds where so many other games fail aesthetically because it realizes that you can have a neo-Victorian, Gothic-light set of environment and character designs that aren’t steampunked all to hell and back. There’s not some clockwork asshole in here gumming up the works. There’s an innkeep with a spoon (whose braid caps are salt and pepper shaker heads). There’s a powerful nun. They exist in a labyrinthine city that feels just as confusing as real places do. These people deserve an award for visual excellence at the least.

Darksburg EA Launch

The frenetic action also left an impression on the VICE contributor. Kunzelman mentions that he had “a hell of a time” completing objectives with his team across Darksburg‘s maps and is keen to see what developer Shiro Games has planned for the game in future content updates.

Darksburg is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99. For more information, visit the game’s official website, wishlist Darksburg on Steam, and read VICE’s complete coverage here.