When it comes to the latest and greatest in video game coverage, most gamers tend to rely on enthusiast publications dedicated to covering the medium. But with the industry’s ever-growing popularity, traditional news organizations are starting to pay attention. Take Fox 43, for example. The Harrisburg, PA-based Fox News affiliate recently took a trip to Boston to visit PAX East and explore some of the most exciting indie games on the horizon.

Fox 43’s Joe Fourham writes:

Every year since 2010, video game fans have swarmed Boston for PAX East, a multi-day convention dedicated to showing off upcoming releases. Gamers get to preview games in development, go hands-on with hotly anticipated games, and compete in tournaments. Here’s some quick first impressions of over twenty upcoming games that FOX43…saw at the show.

Paper Beast 05 Summit

Reporting from the exhibition hall, the Fox 43 team shared some of their favorite games at this year’s PAX East convention. With a wide range of upcoming titles including Paper Beast, the poetic journey through a blossoming virtual world by renowned game designer Eric Chahi and Pixel Reef, the hungry-shark sim Maneater, and more.

For more on PAX East, check out the event’s official website. Catch up on Fox 43’s complete coverage of the event here.