VG24/7 recently updated their episodic “Hidden Indie Gems” series with Signs of the Sojourner, an introspective narrative from Echodog Games about learning the art of human connection through an emotive deck of cards, coming to Steam May 14 and Nintendo Switch in 2020. Vg24/7’s Sherif Saed shared a brief breakdown of what players can expect from Signs of the Sojourner:

In Signs of the Sojourner, you roam the world in your caravan, meeting people and finding things to sell in your mother’s store. Each encounter with the game’s characters unfolds over a game of cards. Empathy, cynicism, logic and other emotions take the form of symbols, which you carefully match to impart your own wisdom, or take on their perspective.

Signs of the Sojourner launches on Steam May 14 and releases on Nintendo Switch later this year. For more information, please visit the official website for Echodog Games and check out the full article for more hidden gems over on VG24/7.