Cyberwarriors need to be fast. They must move quickly and quietly while striking with lethal precision. GameSpot’s Jean-Luc Seipke recently showcased some impressive cyberwarrior-in-training talents playing the free demo of Ghostrunner, the first-person cyberpunk parkour action game from developers One More Level Games3D RealmsSlipgate Ironworks™ and publisher All in! Games.

Siepke’s no-death run through the recently released Ghostrunner demo comes in at a lightning-fast 4:44. A sub-5-minute run is no small task, and made all the more impressive by achieving the time without any deaths. The GameSpot editor dashes, dives and moves through the stage like a digital ninja, showcasing some of the spectacular movement abilities featured in the upcoming title.

Speedrunners and FPS enthusiasts can try their hand at the free Ghostrunner demo by downloading it on Steam. For more on Ghostrunner, visit the official website and watch GameSpot’s no-death run here.