Pocket Gamer dove into the details of the launch of Oceans Lite, the digital adaptation of the species building tabletop strategy game Oceans, developed by North Star Digital Studios and out now on Android and iOS as a free download worldwide:

The randomly selected Scenario cards also change the seascape of each playthrough, ensuring that every time you sit down to play you’re offered a new experience. As you combine the various traits, which are rooted in science, you face these challenges by developing symbiotic relationships or evolve carnivorous traits to feast on your foes. Your ultimate goal being to become the most successful species to rule the seas.

Oceans Lite adapts that into digital form by introducing new players to the strategies of Oceans and giving veterans a chance to sharpen their skills. It’s built for one or two players, and implements many of the tabletop game’s features as you learn while you play in either the solo vs AI mode or a “pass-and-play” mode where you go head to head against a friend.

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