Marcus Stewart at Game Informer gave a shout out to the Nintendo Switch release date announcement for UnderMine, the action-adventure roguelike developed by Thorium. Previously only available on Xbox One and PC, what Steward calls “one of 2020’s best hidden gems” is now set to arrive on Nintendo Switch on February 11th.

If you heard me sing UnderMine’s praises on the Game Informer Show, you already know that I think it’s a fun, engrossing experience…over 600,000 players have picked up the game on Steam and Xbox. I had a blast playing it on Game Pass, and I’m considering double-dipping given how great of a fit the game is for Switch.

Check out the Nintendo Switch release announcement below!

Check out Game Informer’s full article here. For more information on UnderMine, please visit the official website, check out the game on Twitter and Instagram, join the official Discord server, and follow Thorium on YouTube and Twitch.