Gaming Nexus’ Henry Yu crusaded through the Kingdom of Alterstone in pursuit of the land of wicked mages to review Salt and Sacrifice, the next installment of the million-plus selling soulslike platformer Salt and Sanctuary developed by Devour Studios and published by Ska Studios.

Now we finally have Salt and Sacrifice, the spiritual successor to Salt and Sanctuary, and the newest project from James Silva and Shane Lynch. Sacrifice follows in Sanctuary’s footsteps, still being a 2D rendition of the classic Dark Souls formula along with Metroidvania elements, but with a major twist this time: the inclusion of Monster Hunter elements.

Gaming Nexus awarded Salt and Sacrifice an 8/10 score: “All in all, it’s still an excellent 2-D Souls-like Metroidvania that brilliantly infuses Monster Hunter elements with challenging combat.”

Read Gaming Nexus full article here. Salt and Sanctuary is available now on PlayStaion4/5 and Epic Games for PC. For more information, join the Ska Studio Discord, follow Ska Studio and Devour Studios on Twitter, and visit the official Salt and Sanctuary page on Ska Studio’s website.