Twinfinite’s Giuseppe Nelva covered TapTap Presents 2022, the digital showcase connecting gaming fans worldwide. In partnership with X.D. Network Inc, TapTap’s third annual broadcast featured 24 titles debuting exciting new releases including Go Go! Muffin, Etheria: Restart, and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, now available on mobile platforms. The showcase also featured content updates for current popular titles like Genshin Impact, Torchlight: Infinite, T3 Arena, and more.

Today, the TapTap presents 2022 showcase was hosted, providing new looks and reveals about plenty of upcoming and running games.


Check out all the news and trailers showcased at TapTap Presents2022,neatly arranged in case you’ve missed the presentation.

Check out Twinfinite’s full feature here. To stay informed on what TapTap has to offer, please visit the official website, follow TapTap on Twitter and Facebook, join the community on Discord, and search for #TapTapPresents on social media.