Giovanni Colantonio over at Digital Trends gave his two cents on the pixel-styled visual novel game A Space for the Unbound, a heartwarming slice-of-life adventure featuring a boy and girl with supernatural powers from developer Mojiken Studio and publisher Chorus Worldwide, available now for PC and consoles. 

Thus begins the initially naturalistic adventure game’s descent into a sprawling supernatural epic. 

A Space for the Unbound is the kind of game I wish I had played as a teenager. Rather than talking down to young adults, it empathizes with their anxiety. It visualizes how high-stakes those emotions can feel in the moment by using the language of supernatural fantasy. 

Read Digital Trends’ thoughts and impressions about the game here. For more information on A Space for the Unbound check out their official website, and for updates on the game be sure to follow @ASFTUgame, @ChorusWorldwide, and @MojikenStudio on Twitter.