But Why Tho?’s Kerri Guillette makes its next stop for Train Valley World, the next entry in the popular Train Valley railway sim franchise that sold more than 1 million units from developer Flazm and publisher tinyBuild, coming to PC in 2024. 

Travel to the Industrial Revolution and build railroads across 25 levels inspired by real-world cities. Create the perfect transportation network with the level editor to place buildings, create rivers, and more. Fellow train conductors can also play online up to 4 friends on one map and share their own maps via Steam Workshop.

Blending puzzle, railway sim, and strategic tycoon mechanics, Train Valley World expands the original Train Valley campaign experience and jumps the track with a brand new multiplayer mode, available for the first time in the franchise. Team up (or send rivals off the rails!) with up to four friends per map to either build railways together or face off in a strategic battle of tycoon wits to see who can set a track record.

Train Valley World launches on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2024. For more details, check out But Why Tho?’s article here. Follow tinyBuild and TrainValley on Twitter for more updates.