Game Informer faces devastating aliens with deadly weaponry in Let Them Come: Onslaught, a gorgeous, fast-paced survival auto-battler with roguelite elements from AAA VFX studio Tuatara Games, coming Steam Early Access on PC in Q1 2024.

Tuatara Games says the game features dynamic weather, and a wide range of weapons, including a flamethrower, laser beam, electric grenade, orbital strikes, and more. As you mow down hordes of aliens, you can upgrade your soldier with increased health, defense, reduced weapon cooldowns, and shields you can activate on the battlefield. To obtain these upgrades, you spend XP you earn on each run.


“We are huge fans of this emerging gameplay experience, and are thrilled to reveal our love letter to the games that inspired us,” Tuatara Games founder Klemen Lozar writes in a press release. “Using our team’s VFX expertise, survivors can expect to fight for their lives through adrenaline-inducing experiences that have the best visuals of the genre.” 

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