Bleeding Cool’s own Gavin Sheehan straps in for an insightful devlog detailing the creative process behind Streets of Rogue 2, the open-world sandbox adventure from developer Matt Dabrowski in partnership with publisher tinyBuild, leading into the game’s targeted Early Access release later this year.

This is a good eleven minutes worth of footage that, if you’re any kind of a game developer, we recommend just watching. Dabrowski takes you through a quick but concise explanation of the inspirations for this game, the lessons he learned from making the first one, and a good look at what he’s been working on. Enjoy the video as tinyBuild Games are currently planning to release the game sometime in 2024.

Check out the full article here. For more information about Streets of Rogue 2, be sure to follow tinyBuild and solo developer Matt Dabrowski on Twitter, and check out the game’s official website here.