Rock Paper Shotgun’s Brendan Caldwell is looking forward to causing a ruckus in Streets of Rogue 2, the open-world sandbox adventure from developer Matt Dabrowski in partnership with publisher tinyBuild, launching via Steam Early Access on August 14, 2024.

My favourite moment is when a man pumps magic gas into a room full of people doing zumba, and it turns them all into giants, and they freak out and start smashing the walls in a panic.

Did you catch the guy doing a drive-by shooting from the back of a bear? This is the sort of delightful tomfoolery we can expect of developer Matt Dabrowski, who started making the roguelike sequel partly because adding more and more stuff to the previous game was starting to break things. Here the freedom to go wild is expanded. You’ll be able to build stuff and farm a little cabbage patch, for example. Also, it looks like lots of silly, toy-like vehicles are planned.

Read Brendan’s full article on Rock Paper Shotgun here. For more information on Streets of Rogue 2, head over to the Steam page and follow the game on X (formerly Twitter). Streets of Rogue 2 will be available in early access on PC via Steam on August 14.