Rock Paper Shotgun Brews News of Necrobarista Release Date

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Dominic Tarason served readers with the news that Necrobarista, the gorgeous cinematic cel-shaded visual novel from Route 59 Games, hits Steam for PC with a double-shot, no water kick of magic, myth, and necromancy on August 8, 2019. In this modern-day tale, players serve up foamy, caffeinated drinks to the living and dead […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Has the Scoop on City of the Shroud’s Launch Date

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Dominic Tarason shared that City of the Shroud, the real-time tactical RPG and social experiment from Abyssal Arts, launches its first episode on PC and Mac via Steam on Aug. 9, 2018. A definitive edition on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One follows next year. In his article, Dominic detailed City of the Shroud’s colorful and interesting […]