Rock Paper Shotgun’s Dominic Tarason shared that City of the Shroud, the real-time tactical RPG and social experiment from Abyssal Arts, launches its first episode on PC and Mac via Steam on Aug. 9, 2018. A definitive edition on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One follows next year.

In his article, Dominic detailed City of the Shroud’s colorful and interesting choice of setting, comparing it to another popular, Triple-A title. He goes on to explain some of the elements that he finds so appealing about the game’s city, Iskendrun.

As an aside, the music on that trailer just a bit on the Guilty Gear side, no? Not that I’m complaining, and I hope there’s more of that in the game itself. That, plus the non-traditional setting, diverse cast and mechanical weirdness all adds up to an intriguing bundle of ideas.

Watch the trailer for a preview of City of the Shroud’s first chapter below.