Nintendo Everything Reports on Last Encounter’s Q2 2018 Release Window

Nintendo Everything recently reported that Last Encounter, the intergalactic twin-stick roguelike from Exordium Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Q2 2018. Last Encounter follows the story of the human race as they use cloning technology to make their final stand against an alien onslaught. As they journey through space and defeat waves of enemies […]

Last Encounter Coming to PC and Consoles, Gematsu Reports

Last Encounter, the deep space twin-stick roguelike from Exordium Games, is coming to PC in Q2 2018, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch launches to follow later in Q2, reports Gematsu. A BETA is also coming soon. The game follows a group of heroes trying to outsmart death by using advanced technology to clone […]

Nintendo Life Shares Details on Last Encounter’s Release Window

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln of Nintendo Life recently reported the details of Exordium Games‘ most recent project, Last Encounter. He shared all the gameplay elements that sci-fi lovers are sure to enjoy, like spaceship weapon customization and teaming up with friends to wreak havoc throughout the galaxy. Dom also shared Nintendo Life’s excitement in the upcoming release on Switch. It’s not due out […]