Dom Reseigh-Lincoln of Nintendo Life recently reported the details of Exordium Games‘ most recent project, Last Encounter. He shared all the gameplay elements that sci-fi lovers are sure to enjoy, like spaceship weapon customization and teaming up with friends to wreak havoc throughout the galaxy.

Dom also shared Nintendo Life’s excitement in the upcoming release on Switch.

It’s not due out on Nintendo Switch until Q2 2018, but it’s already blipping rapidly on our ‘nindie’ radar for this year.

Last Encounter is an intergalactic roguelike twin-stick shooter with extensive weapon customization that will arrive on Windows via Steam in Q2 2018. Space lovers can also enjoy its fast-paced gameplay on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in Q2 2018.

Last Encounter will make its North American debut this weekend at PAX South. You can play the demo at their booth in PAX Rising, booth 10657.

Last Encounter - screenshot 3 (1)