Draegast Explores Trailmakers’ New Expedition World

Trailmakers, Flashbulb Games‘ vehicle-building adventure, came to Steam Early Access last week and explorers around the world are flocking to create imaginative dune buggies, planes, and everything in between. Draegast discovered the game’s whole new world in Expedition mode, where players start with only the barest vehicle-making essentials and have to reach the other side of an alien world. “If […]

PC Gamer Reports Trailmakers Will Come to Early Access January 31 After A Free Weekend

PC Gamer reports that Trailmakers, the vehicle-building adventure from the Press Play, Rare, and IO Interactive veterans at Flashbulb Games, is coming to Early Access on January 1st after a free weekend. Flashbulb says the Early Access build will feature three game modes. Creative mode is singleplayer and gives you infinite resources to build the […]