YouTuber Iron Pineapple checks out new Souls-like games, recommends Bright Memory

YouTuber Iron Pineapple went into the depths of the Steam store catalog and explored seven new games in the “souls-like” genre. The video includes a recommendation for PLAYISM and FYQD_Studio’s first-person shooter Bright Memory. The full video can be found below: For more information about the publisher visit PLAYISM’s official website and follow them on Facebook […]

Sp00nerism Shows Off Bright Memory’s New Early Access Update

YouTube content creator Sp00nerism showcased FYQD Studio’s new early access update for Bright Memory in a video which can be seen below: The early access update added brand new English and Japanese voice-overs as well as new user interface options like ultra-widescreen support. For more information about FYQD Studio, follow @FYQD_Studio on Twitter. For more information […]

Blitz Gets Excited About Jetpacks In New Astroneer Update

The YouTube channel Blitzkriegsler (AKA Blitz) shared a playthrough of the new Astroneer Wanderer and Exploration Updates from developer System Era Softworks. Blitz was thrilled to go hands-on with Astroneer again and show-off the new jetpack for his audience of over two million subscribers. In his journey through the final frontier, Blitz highlights how he’s played Astroneer for countless hours […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Discovers 6 Ways The Blackout Club Gets Co-op Survival Horror Right

Rock Paper Shotgun delved into co-op paranormal horror mystery The Blackout Club and discovered six ways the game gets co-op survival horror right. Noa Smith discusses how Question, the team of industry veterans featuring BioShock 2’s creative director/lead writer and BioShock Infinite’s lead effects artist, offer a variety of powers and abilities to illuminate the experience: Unsurprising from the creative minds […]

SplatterCat Takes on the Explosive Challenge of Bombslinger

During a recent Let’s Play, SplatterCatGaming journeyed to the Wild West in Bombslinger, the action-maze game from Mode4 filled with more explosives than a whiskey-fueled Fourth of July. SplatterCat was very enthusiastic about Bomslinger’s roguelike elements and replayability, noting that he was impressed by the level variety and randomized boss battles. He also made some endearing comments about its art style. […]

LetsPlay Checks Out the Elephantastic Update for Ultimate Chicken Horse

LetsPlay has been having a great time one-upping and screaming at one another in Ultimate Chicken Horse, the party-platformer from Clever Endeavour Games where friends build the level as they play and then compete to be the first one to the end of the stage. The Elephantastic Update recently added a trunkful of new content to the […]

YouTuber CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos) Showcases the Hilarity and Absurdity of Ultimate Chicken Horse

CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos) has been having a blast working with and against his buddies in Ultimate Chicken Horse, the party platformer by Clever Endeavour Games where friends build the level as they play. One of his latest videos showcases some of the new content that was introduced in the Elephantastic Update, including the Jungle Temple level and […]

YouTuber BaronVonLetsPlay Is Blowing Away His Competition in the Forts Tons of Guns Update

BaronVonLetsPlay has been having an explosively good time on his YouTube channel, destroying foes and getting creative with fort building in the Tons of Guns multiplayer update for Forts by EarthWork Games. From building planes and zeppelins to recreating Star Wars-themed battles, BaronVonLetsPlay is thinking outside the box and taking advantage of new features, like the zero […]

YouTuber Blitz Is Having a Blast with the Tons of Guns Update for Forts

The Tons of Guns multiplayer update for Forts by EarthWork Games is chock-full of explosive new content and YouTuber Blitz has been having a blast finding creative ways to annihilate enemies with his upgraded arsenal. Check out his series of videos showcasing some of the new features, including the EMP Turret and 20mm Cannon. Forts is playable […]