YouTube content creator Dead Squirrel sets up a new gas station in the latest DLC for Gas Station Simulator, the critically acclaimed management game from developer and publisher DRAGO entertainment. The game’s tropical expansion, Tidal Wave, recently launched on Steam. Thousands of creators shared their journeys, resulting in many players returning to the beloved simulator game. Dead Squirrel, brand new to GSS, took the plunge in Tidal Wave since this DLC can be started from the get-go.

Gas Station Simulator is one of the most popular management simulators in gaming, resulting in a plethora of memorable moments from content creators all across the world in nearly every language. Since the base game launched in 2021, developer DRAGO entertainment has released improvement updates and downloadable content that invites players to stake their entrepreneurial claim on an Air Strip or a vibrant volcanic island in Tidal Wave.

Soaking in the sun is harder than it looks though, hungry sharks and a finicky deity named Chunchumanchu add new layers to consider when chasing business goals. Blast away sharks with the new hand cannon (which also allows one to rocket jump!) and keep the volcano god happy by leaving offerings at the altar.

From being surprised by just how physically ripped some of the island visitors can be to learning the ins and outs of all the minigames Gas Station Simulator offers, Dead Squirrel steadily built out their station. All the while, the volcanic protector of the island watched from above.

Watch the full video below. A full Gas Station Simulator playlist is also available.

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For more information on Gas Station Simulator check out the official website or follow DRAGO entertainment on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), or Instagram. Gas Station Simulator – Tidal Wave DLC is available now on Steam.