There are a number of great indie games coming out this year but The Gardens Between has been given an opportunity to shine and stand out from the pack: it’s been named one of Destructoid’s 18 most anticipated indie games of 2018 by Patrick Hancock.

Describing it as game he “can’t wait to get lost in,” Patrick went on to detail what he feels looks most intriguing about The Voxel Agents‘ upcoming surreal puzzle-adventure:

“…I simply adore looking at the screenshots from this game. The unique hook here, other than the level design, is that players don’t control the characters in the stage, they control time. Think of Braid, except you have no influence over Mr. Braid, just the time mechanic. I can’t wait to see what is in store here…!”

The island garden exploration, time manipulation, and puzzle solving of The Gardens Between begins on PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac in Q3 2018.

The Gardens Between screenshot