Kotaku’s Tim Rogers went hands-on with Planetoid Pioneers and was joined by Dan Tabar, the founder of Data Realms.

During their let’s play, they explored the starting area of the game and experimented with the game’s wacky physics engine. Together they commentated on the protagonist’s struggle to traverse the planetoids and the inclusion of Data Realms’ custom-made engine and developer tools, which are fully available to the community and allow players to create their own content. This content can be shared, voted, and downloaded by other players.

Tim expressed his satisfaction with the absurd movement of the protagonist and its nostalgia-inducing gameplay.

I like this game. It’s robust. Every little physical interaction reminds me of the joy of my earliest days playing PC games.

Planetoid Pioneers is available for $19.99 USD / €19.99 in English. For more information, head to their official website or follow Data Realms on Twitter and Facebook.