Last month, T.J Hafer of PC Gamer went hands-on with Fractured Lands, the battle royale first-person shooter from the industry veterans at Unbroken Studios, during the game’s three closed beta weekends. Hafer appeared to enjoy his time with the game, noting his intense experiences while both driving and on foot.

There’s a very tense, asymmetrical, predator-prey relationship that develops deeper into a match between players on foot and players that are still behind the wheel of a claptrap death machine. If you’re caught on foot at ground level by a skilled driver, you’re most likely going to end the round as a hood ornament unless you can quickly duck into a doorway too narrow for your pursuer to follow. I had some memorable moments when the shrinking map forced me to cover a lot of open ground to find a new safehouse and I could hear the exhaust-belching land sharks circling nearby.

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