Destructoid hosted a PAX South 2019 three-day badge giveaway, and five lucky winners have a great trip to San Antonio ahead of them. Wes Tacos highlighted just a few of the things the winners will be able to see at PAX South:

If you’re looking for a weekend of gaming tournaments, conferences, talks, demos, merch, and cosplay, then you’re in luck! PAX South provides all of this and more. This year, they’ve got a storytime session with God of War director Cory Barlog, a discussion with the legends at CheapAssGamer, and even a panel featuring psychologists analyzing the nature of agency and video games.

Congratulations to the five winners who get to attend the showfloor for free! We hope you enjoy your time at PAX South and get hands-on with all the amazing indie games on the floor. Be sure to check out the full Destructoid article and the PAX South website for more information about the giveaway and convention.