The Hollywood Reporter’s Pete Keeley spent some time at E3 2019 searching for exciting indies and found Cleaversoft’s EarthNight, a gorgeous hand-painted procedurally generated platformer about the dragon apocalypse, to be a blast. Writing for THR, Pete Keeley shared some thoughts about seeing EarthNight in action, writing:

Is it possible to cram literally every color visible to the human eye onto one screen? Is it possible to stuff so many sprites into the frame that you draw backgrounds “just in case”? Yes and yes, evidently. Earth Night is a procedurally generated 2D auto-runner where each level you sprint up a dragon’s back toward its head then stab it in the brain while popping balloons and bouncing off things and dodging other things and while playing it you kind of get the sense everything looks spectacular but there’s no time to verify it. Fun to play, fun to watch (at which point you can verify it), can’t wait.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.07.00 PM

EarthNight comes to PlayStation 4 and Steam for Windows and Mac machines this summer. For more information, visit the official EarthNight website and read The Hollywood Reporter’s complete coverage.