In case you missed it, Gematsu has shared the news on the upcoming launch of Stingbot Games‘ action adventure platformer The Forbidden Arts, set to leave Early Access on Steam on Aug. 7 and blaze through Nintendo Switch and Xbox One at the same time. A PlayStation 4 version will follow later in Q4 2019.

When the hero of the game, Phoenix, seeks the counsel of a druid to make sense of his visions, she awakens the latent pyromancy within him. This begins an epic journey from Phoenix’s humble beginnings as he seeks to master the element of fire.

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The Forbidden Arts launches on Aug. 7 for $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam for PC and Mac and it’s available for pre-sale on Nintendo eShop for 15% off. To read the full article, please head to the Gematsu website. To learn more, visit the Stingbot Games official website and follow @StingbotGames on Twitter.