Touch Arcade recently danced through the clouds in itsreview of EarthNight, the hand-painted platformer about surviving the dragon apocalypse, available exclusively for Apple Arcade. Touch Arcade’s Phillip Moyer talks about EarthNight’s carefully crafted world and gameplay:

In fact, what really makes this game stand out is the sheer amount of care that went into building up the personality and atmosphere surrounding the two player characters’ quests to save the world. There’s a tangible feeling of desperation every time they dive from their spaceship into the writhing mass of flying dragons below, giving a sense of weight every time you progress further towards the surface of the earth, and a sense of loss every time you fail and have to return to the ship and try again.

EarthNight is available now via the Apple Arcade subscription service. New users can experience it by taking advantage of a free month-long trial. For more information, check out the official EarthNight website and don’t forget to read the full review by TouchArcade.

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