TheGamer’s Gabrielle Castania heads to the adorable island of Snacko in her PAX East preview of the feline-filled farming and life sim about revitalizing a cursed island developed by Bluecurse Studios and published by Armor Games Studios, now available on PC via Steam Early Access and heading to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 later in 2024.

“These days, it’s fairly common for farming games to start with a person who’s tired of the daily capitalist city grind setting off in pursuit of an idyllic life in a small town, where they can tend to a farm and befriend the locals. What isn’t fairly common, though, is seeing cats do it.”

“The team plans to use the time in Early Access to flesh out its existing characters, add more to its catalog of resources or crafting items, allow you to expand your home, and overall, continue to implement feedback from real players to polish the final version.”

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