IGN’s Tom Marks has some SUPER news to share with comic fans. Marks recently reported that Blowfish Studios has partnered with Valiant Entertainment to develop multiple games set in its acclaimed comic book universe. Valiant’s roster of heroes is home to over 2,000 characters, include fan-favorites like Bloodshot.

Marks writes:

Comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment will make games based on some of its comics, including Bloodshot and Ninjak…Valiant will partner with game developer Blowfish Studios to create the adaptations. This isn’t Valiant’s first time making games out of its comics either, as the iconic Turok series was based on a series of its own.

Valiant Entertainment

More information about the partnership between Blowfish Studios and Valiant Entertainment will come in the future. For now, you can learn more by reading IGN’s complete coverage and checking out the Blowfish Studios website and Valiant Entertainment website.