GameSpot went hands-on with 30XX, Batterystaple Games’ follow-up to the acclaimed co-op roguelike platformer 20XX and shared eight minutes of direct-feed footage from PAX East. The video shows off 30XX‘s new hi-bit art style, along with Nina’s new Power Fusion system and Ace’s distinct move set of comboable Techniques. GameSpot’s Jean-Luc Bernard says of the game:

Sporting a new pixel-art visual style and borrowing liberally from influences as diverse as Contra and Super Metroid, it’s a blast to play in co-op as the dual heroes Nina and Ace. As you might imagine, they’re modeled after Mega Man X and Zero, but the game’s very clear homages to the classic Capcom series feel genuine.

30XX Reveal (2)

Watch the full hands-on demo here, and for more information on 30XX, please visit the game’s Steam Coming Soon page and the official Batterystaple Games website, join the 20XX series Discord community and follow the studio on TwitterYouTube, and Facebook.