ClutchPoints’ XC Enriquez embraces the good ol’ days with the XBHD Spartan Edition from EON Gaming, the retro hardware enthusiasts and industry veterans behind the GCHD MK-II and Super 64. This stylish accessory matches the look of the original Xbox’s iconic Halo Edition and allows for players to bring their legacy titles to modern screens.

As Enriquez points out in the article, the Spartan Edition XBHD is “the perfect addition for gamers who want to relive the nostalgia of the Halo series on the original Xbox.” For those that lack the fairly uncommon transparent green console, the XBHD also comes in standard black. Both editions of the XBHD even saw a price drop to $149.99 to coincide with the announcement of the Spartan Edition.

Co-founder Justin Scerbo shared, “We have so many amazing memories of entire weekends gathered around TVs for split-screen Halo Lan Parties. We built the XBHD to both recreate and streamline those awesome nights. Between the ongoing efforts to fine-tune the XBHD since launch, the gorgeous new Spartan Edition riffing on the classic Halo Edition Xbox, and the new price point, we cannot wait to see the device in more players’ hands.”

The XBHD line of adaptors are plug-and-play with no setup required and offers one of the simplest solutions to LAN gaming through the ethernet ports on the back of the device. Enjoy lag-free action with a product that seamlessly blends into the beloved, iconic Xbox system.

“If you want to enjoy classic Xbox games on modern displays, the XBHD is for you.”

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