There’s something strange going on in a sleepy little town. Vengeful spirits stalk classrooms, occult symbols appear on residents’ skin, and a sense of prevailing doom hangs overhead. With so much strangeness in one location, someone needs to figure out what’s going on.

That’s where GhostRobo comes in. The popular YouTube content creator recently took a trip to check out WORLD OF HORROR, the cosmic horror RPG from Ysbyrd Games and Panstasz, to investigate the bizarre happenings.

GhostRobo’s Let’s Play video features early-game exploration and a look into the roguelike indie horror sensation’s blend of RPG elements. Throughout the video, GhostRobo works to uncover mysteries, defeat supernatural threats, and maintain his avatar’s sanity amid unfathomable events.

WORLD OF HORROR is now available on Steam Early Access. To learn more, visit the game’s official website, and watch GhostRobo’s complete Let’s Play video.