The realm of Etheria needs new heroes. Armies of goblins, orcs, and devious dark elf archers have appeared once more, intent on destroying all-important crystals holding the land together. As chaos returns, Shacknews’ Greg Burke answered the crystals’ call, diving into Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to review developer Chromatic Games’ epic multiplayer tower defense action role-playing game.

Burke’s video review examines Dungeon Defenders: Awakened from the ground up, exploring features and improvements that set it apart from previous entries in the franchise. He discusses tower-building strategies, character swapping, and the differences between single and multiplayer experiences players can expect on their journey through Etheria. The Shacknews review serves as an excellent primer on Dungeon Defenders: Awakened for seasoned vets and newcomers alike:

 The game has a lush art style that permeates the characters, enemies, and environment in a very fun and cool way. Meanwhile, a wealth of leveling and upgrade options, unique gear with various attributes, and neat abilities among the four classes of characters makes progress through the game a constantly fun and addicting experience.


Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is now available on Steam, with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions coming later this year. For more information, visit the official Dungeon Defenders: Awakened website and watch Shacknews’ video review.