Rock Paper Shotgun has some steaming hot news: Necrobarista, the cinematic cel-shaded visual novel from Route 59 Games, pours onto Steam for Windows PC on July 22, 2020. Author Lauren Morton sets the stage for what to expect from this tale of death and decaf:

You play as local barista Maddy Xiāo, incidental brewer of life-returning blends under the training of legendary necromancer Chay Wu. Sounds like you’ll be helping Maddy and Chay keep things somewhat above board in the Terminal coffee shop while sort of adhering to the rules of the Council Of Death. Nothing could go wrong here, I’m sure.

Between your chats with the recently reanimated, you’ll be able to walk around fantasy Melbourne and the Terminal coffee shop as well.


Check outRock Paper Shotgun‘s full article, and to learn more about Necrobarista, please visit the official website or join the community on Discord and Twitter.