Rock Paper Shotgun Discovers 6 Ways The Blackout Club Gets Co-op Survival Horror Right

Rock Paper Shotgun delved into co-op paranormal horror mystery The Blackout Club and discovered six ways the game gets co-op survival horror right. Noa Smith discusses how Question, the team of industry veterans featuring BioShock 2’s creative director/lead writer and BioShock Infinite’s lead effects artist, offer a variety of powers and abilities to illuminate the experience: Unsurprising from the creative minds […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Investigates The Blackout Club Early Access Release

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Alice O’Connor investigated the Early Access launch of The Blackout Club from Question, a team of BioShock veterans at Question. O’Connor delves into what she finds compelling about the cooperative paranormal horror mystery: As you might expect from a studio with immersive sim roots, we can get around the neighbourhood by clambering, vaulting, climbing ropes, using grappling […]

RockPaperShotgun Praises Hand of Fate 2’s New Endless Mode

Dominic Tarason wrote on RockPaperShotgun about Hand of Fate 2‘s new Endless Mode, calling it “a great reason to come back and ask The Dealer for a fresh hand.” While Hand of Fate 2 was already a significantly higher-budget game than the original, I’m surprised at how much love and effort they’ve poured into the sequel’s […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Covers Super Daryl Deluxe Release Date Announcement

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Dominic Tarason covered the release date announcement for Super Daryl Deluxe, the RPGvania with a brawler-style combat system and hand-drawn comic aesthetic from Dan & Gary Games, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC April 10, 2018. Dominic compared the combat in Super Daryl Deluxe to classics from the Nintendo DS era before going on […]

Gamasutra Reports That ReedPOP Acquires Gamer Network

Gamasutra recently reported that ReedPOP, the producer behind the PAX events has purchased Gamer Network.  The purchase of the parent company includes its editorial properties such as Eurogamer, RockPaperShotgun,, VG247, Outside Xbox, Digital Foundry and USgamer. ReedPOP also indicated in a press release that all staff will remain with the company as brands change hands.  ReedPOP will […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Reviews “Superior Sequel” Hand of Fate 2

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Alec Meer reviewed Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate 2, dubbing it a “superior sequel” that is a “bigger, better game than its predecessor in almost every respect.” In particular, Alec enjoyed Hand of Fate 2’s structure, which he described as being divided into “sub-campaigns,” each with its own boss and challenges: “There’s the one where […]

Rock Paper Shotgun on the Upcoming Launch of Hand of Fate 2

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Alice O’Connor recently dished out details on the upcoming Nov. 7 launch of Hand of Fate 2, the action RPG from Defiant Development that blends roguelike, dungeon crawling, tabletop roleplaying, and collectible card game elements. Hand of Fate 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It comes out the […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Praises Graceful Explosion Machine’s Combat

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Samuel Horti wrote an article about Graceful Explosion Machine, the vibrant side-scrolling shooter from Vertex Pop. Vertex Pop is a Toronto-based game development studio dedicated to creating non-stop action games for console and PC platforms. In Graceful Explosion Machine, the player is the lone surviving pilot in an alien attack,  and must fly the titular Graceful Explosion […]

Rock Paper Shotgun Reports Epistory’s Release Date

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Melody covered the March 30 release date of Epistory on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam. Epistory is an atmospheric adventure game following a young girl in a vivid origami world. To read the full article, please visit: