For a certain section of gamers, coin-munching arcades and cumbersome plastic joysticks are sewn into the fabric of the medium. Flashing lights and pixelated characters define countless hours playing titles on systems and cabinets most people are familiar with only in passing.

But for those that remember, a new wave of arcade-inspired titles offers a bridge to the past. Jetboard Joust, a fusion of classic arcade shoot-’em-ups and modern roguelike games from publisher Freedom! Games and developer Bitbull is one such title, serving as a sequel to an obscure Commodore 64 game from more than 30 years ago.

Writing for ScreenRant, Alex Santa Maria pored over Jetboard Joust, assessing its merits while defending the skies from alien invaders for the site’s official review. Santa Maria found its old-school charm a welcome addition alongside today’s modern titles while praising the way it balances a difficulty curve from gaming’s yesteryears and a more approachable design.

From the review:

The best arcade games feel like they would fit right alongside the 80s classics and earn just as many coins. Jetboard Joust isn’t going to take over anyone’s life the way that games like Hades or Griftlands do. However, as something to pop in and out of between other games, players could do much worse than Bitbull’s PC debut. It has a style all its own and gameplay that borrows from several recent hits and the classics of the past. Considering that it costs just a single sack of quarters, that’s more than worth it.

Jetboard Joust is now available on Steam. For more information, follow developer Bitbull’s Twitter account and read ScreenRant’s review here.