Dreams are funny things. Little fragments of hopes, fears, and interactions twisted and warped into barely-remembered nighty vignettes. But while most people’s dreams are little more than vague recollections, for the protagonist of Dreamscaper, the lucid dreaming action roguelite RPG from publisher Freedom Games and developer Afterburner Studios, they’re recurring and inescapable nightmares.

YouTuber SplatterCatGaming recently dove into Cassidy’s subconscious to give Dreamscaper a spin. Throughout the 30-minute video, the popular content creator explores the ever-changing landscape of Cassidy’s dreams and experiments with the roster of imaginative weapons and armor littering the dream dungeons. SplatterCat’s session comes to a head when he faces off against a fearsome boss created by one of Cassidy’s most deep-seated emotions.

Dreamscaper is available now on Steam Early Access. The game’s first major update, “Reflection,” is available starting today, introducing new locations, weapons, and characters. For more on Dreamscaper, visit the official website. If you’re itching for more indie games, check out SplatterCatGaming’s YouTube channel.