TheGamer’s Sam Watanuki praised the new VZR Model One headphones from VZR Audio in this latest preview.

I’m blown away. Near-breathless. My JBL’s have always been the best audio peripheral to make me “feel” the song, but the Model Ones make it reverberate throughout my entire body. I hear the dynamic of every instrument. I can feel the rise and fall of every fade-in and fade-out of the audio wave as if I were watching the track play out in Logic Pro (my audio production program of choice).

From having the upper hand in competitive gaming thanks to the audio spatial awareness, to producing high-quality audio arrangements down to the smallest detail, the VZR Model One will deliver everything you need for an immersive audio experience. Your ears (and wallet) will thank you for it.

Check out The Gamer website’s full article here. For more information on the VZR Model One, please visit the VZR’s official website, follow @vzraudio on Twitter, and search #VZRModelOne on social media.