CNET tuned in to the half-game, half-animated-show 3 out of 10, the episodic playable sitcom about daily life at the world’s worst game development studio. Season Two debuted all five episodes for free in one bingeworthy package on the Epic Games Store for PC.

CNET’s Dave Johnson gave a quick look at what players can expect from the day-to-day doldrums of game development:

In 3 out of 10, you follow the action at a game developer that’s perennially unable to release a game that can garner a score higher than 3 out of 10. It’s a mix of traditional sitcom tropes and storytelling blended with increasingly fantastical and surreal elements.

3 out of 10: Season Two is available now, for free, on the Epic Games Store for PC. Catch up on Season One in the same place, or on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more information, please visit the official 3 out of 10 website and check out the full CNET article here.