When the sun goes away, the Infected come out to play!

After sitting with a developer from Techland for the PC Gaming Show, Andy Kelly at PC Gamer gave us some juicy details about the new day/night system in Dying Light 2, and how it affects gameplay, Infected behavior, risks, and rewards.

During the day, the focus is battling other factions. But when the sun sets, the zombies wander out into the streets, as the humans are relegated to the rooftops.

“When the night comes, the world changes completely. Humans rule the city during the day, but the streets are overrun with Infected at night. The floor is lava, basically. You should stay on the rooftops. If you jump to ground level, it’s gonna be painful. You’ll be pursued and encounter Screamers.”


“Night also brings interesting gameplay opportunities,” says Ciszewski. “If you travel the world during the day, you’re gonna see a lot of Infected in buildings—almost like I Am Legend—who are asleep. They’re waiting for night to go hunting. So when they go out at night, they leave those interiors almost empty. And that’s an opportunity for you to visit these places.”

Check out Dying Light 2‘s official gameplay trailer below.

Click here for PC Gamer’s full article. Dying Light 2 releases on December 7th, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For more information on Dying Light 2, be sure to visit the official website, and follow Techland and Dying Light 2 on Twitter.