Rock Paper Shotgun’s Graham Smith drives excitement for Mini Motorways, the minimalist strategy simulation about designing the roads of cities around the world from indie developer Dinosaur Polo Club, the makers of Mini Metro, coming to Steam on July 20th and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Where Mini Metro had you drawing subway lines to keep trains and passengers moving between stops, Mini Motorways is about drawing roads to connect a city together. It’s still topdown and abstract, with a simple, almost zero-interface design, but it’s traded in the inspiration from London’s Underground map for more vibrant colour schemes inspired by cities from around the world.

Those ciites include Munic, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, and the PC release will coincide with an update to add Dubai and Mexico City. It also adds roundabouts, presumably as a precursor to adding a Milton Keynes colour scheme.

Check out Rock Paper Shotgun’s full article here. For more information on Mini Motorways, please visit the game’s official website, follow @dinopoloclub on Twitter, and search #MiniMotorways on social media.