The Hollywood Reporter reports the return of PAX West, the West Coast’s most attended gaming event, this Labor Day weekend on Sept. 3-6, 2021, after almost two years since the last PAX West.

Festival organizer ReedPop announced that the video game conference will take place in a reduced capacity at the Washington State Convention Center over Labor Day weekend.


“It’s been almost two years since the last PAX West, and it’s been surreal to imagine its triumphant return,” said Jerry Holkins, co-founder of Penny Arcade and PAX. “I can’t think of a better excuse to leave the house than PAX West.”

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Alongside PAX West, PAX Online will host a variety of esports competitions Thursday, July 15 to Saturday, July 18:

PAX Arena has partnered with Metro Esports for a Valorant open tournament with a $10,000 prize pool. Metro Esports will also scout participants to create a multicultural, mixed-gender Valorant team to compete at PAX West.


The PAX Arena will also host competitions in Rocket League, iRacing and more.

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