The Washington Post’s Alyse Stanley cozies up with a purrfect cup of cocoa in Cat Cafe Manager, the charming restaurant management and feline adoption sim from developer Roost Games and publisher Freedom Games, now available on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam and Epic Game Store.

“It’s a breezy and colorful business simulator where you play as the proprietor of a derelict cat cafe in the sleepy village of Caterwaul Way. Its gameplay is simple and relaxing.”

“Between the game’s simple point-and-click controls and its soothing soundtrack, interrupted only by the quiet “oohhs” and “aahhs” and “pspspsps” of guests playing with cats, it’s easy to lose yourself in the motions.”

Check out The Washington Post’s full article here. For more information on Cat Cafe Manager, please visit the game’s official website, follow @roostgames and @freedomgamesgg on Twitter, and search #CatCafeManager on social media.